Benefits of Our Service

The Trash Bin Cleaning business - Helping one neighbor at a time

Well, most of this information is on the home page.

But if you want a reminder, here's a summary below.

Trash Bins are an ideal breeding ground For bacteria, insects And vermin to thrive.

Reduce your exposure to potential health risk by not coming in direct contact with trash bins.

Household cleaning products can potentially pollute our fragile Eco-Systems.

The Power Bins system removes and prevents odors that attract various bugs and rodents.

And, also helps prevent the spread of disease by eliminating bacteria and other harmful organisms.

All waste water collected by the truck is proper disposal.

Your bins become my bins, and I like my bins to stay clean and fresh!

For commercial bins, Remember that your trash bins reflect on your business.

About Power Bins Cleaning service:  
100% Self-Contained    
100% Eco-Friendly    
99.9% Germ elimination and Bacteria Causing odors!    
200 Degree hot water; high pressure and filtered.    
Reduces Insects & Pests that are Attracted to Unclean Bins

It's a nasty job, but someone has to do it. Power bins will bring an inexpensive solution
to an ongoing problem!

Your neighbors will thank you!

Have Power Bins do the job most people don't want to do, even if they already have a low grade
pressure washer.

Let us free you of germs and stink.

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