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Less expensive than most companies in the U.S.,
Some bin cleaning companies charge up to $35.00 per bin and $50.00 for a once in awhile cleaning. See ourPrice list.on this page.

Does Power Bins Cleaning pick up trash as well?

Well we are neighbors currently serving the homes that are close to where we operate and live. Helping our community become cleaner at a reasonable cost.

Please leave your trash bin(s) out on the curb prior to our arrival.

Power Bins will accept PayPal and credit cards. If you don't have PayPal, you can easily sign up for a PayPal account during the checkout process which allows yous to fund your purchases from your Your PayPal account, banking account or Credit card. You wiil be placed on a PayPal subscription plan to automaticallhy have funds withdrawn monthly or quartely for cleanings. (which ever you chose) We may take checks in the future.

Yes, our trucks are equiped with a hand held wand sprayer for cleaning the exterior of the Bin and also the lid on the Bin. We also hand spray driveways, pations and more.

Power Bins proudly provides services to Baker, LA and surrounding areas. If you live in a different area, please call us 225-800-7451 and we will see if we can add you to one of our routes. We wil extend our services to other areas in the near future. Use our contact form to specify your location and phone number and we will check for availability. If too far out, we will put you on our waiting list.

Contact our office to reschedule for early cleaning the day or next scheduled cleaning.

Loose items and everything should be in a garbage bag or grocery bag for small items. Sometimes there is debris left in the bottom of the bin after collection.

Our Power Bins Cleaning Tech Tech will remove the debris and bag it before cleaning the bin. The collected debris is then deposited back into your clean bin for disposal the following week.

We ask they no loose items are left in the bin. All items should be bagged, big or small. Loose items will fall into our hopper leaving it damaged and perhaps unusable. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Well let's see now. We can work any job at 40 degrees weather and up. Yes, The Winter season can be challenging, and we want to be upfront that our trucks will not operate properly in a polar vortex. If for some unforeseen reason we are not able to service your bins, Power Bins will make every attempt to reschedule your service. If we can’t get it done in a timely fashion, no need to worry, you are only charged after you have been serviced.

You will be charged for the cleaning . We will then cancel your account to avoid future billings until you change your mind.

No. You do not need to be home to have your cans cleaned. We clean your cans on your trash pickup day. As long as your cans are on the curb, we'll clean them on your scheduled date.

We not only clean your bins, we disinfect, sanitize and deodorize them as well. We use water temps of approximately 200 degrees fahrenheit to rid Trash Bins 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Additionally, we spray down the outside of the can including the parts most often touched such as the lid and handle. Our state-of-the-art system effectively reduces health hazards such as Tuberculosis, Strep, staph, E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria.

You can easily get started by registering an account Here. After that click on the My Account page to add all of the fields needed for Cleaning. (number of trash can, garbage pick days and time and more)

Indeed We do! Have your friends & neighbors give us your name when they signup for cleanings & we will happily give you a free month per two referrals (unlimited!!). (for monthly and quarterly subscribers only)

Power Bins Cleaning recommend that Your bins get sanitized and disinfected on a monthly basis. That way your bins maintain clean and healthy, which otherwise be a breeding ground for Germs, Odor & Grime.

We have found that some of the trash or recycle bins we clean can take a few cleaning cycles to remove the build-up that has accumulated over time. We make every effort to clean your trash bins to the highest standards, and in time, we have found that our curbside machine will remove the most stubborn grime. In the meantime, Power Bins has eliminated the odors and germs in your bins until the next scheduled cleaning.

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