The Power Bins Mission

Our job is to Disinfect - Sanitize -Deodorize your Trash Bins. Yes, we have an occupational
license and all permits required in the areas we serve. We also power wash driveways, patios, dumpster pads and more.

Our vehicles are equipped with a super powered cleaning machine. This machine is capable of cleaning 100 trash cans a day.
We aim to get our community cleaner, and to stay clean. We bring peace of mind to the families and businesses of our
community by eliminating the chore of cleaning Thrash Bins from your "what I don't want to do" list.

Power Bins believes in protecting the environment by making your home a place that won't be appealing to rodents and other creatures.
We will eliminate these types of headaches and hassles, leaving customers with relief, satisfaction, pride and
smile. We will continue to use up-to-date technology to ensure that our routes are organized and optimized, resulting hopefully a
in the most efficient service possible so as not to waste time and make getting to the next Trash Bin faster.

Make your life easier by letting Power Bins take over this nasty chore.

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